For all service-based firms, co-working spaces, restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores: Potted Pals can help you make your business a little greener!


Hi there, so you're a business owner in need of a large variety of indoor potted plants for your specific setting? B2B is Potted Pals's nickname.

We’d love to help you reach your plant goals for your business. 

We can have a collection of Potted Pals of your choosing delivered right to your business's door in no time with your help. Plant collections for businesses start as low as $150. 


Here's how our Business Collaborations work: 

First, request a consultation with one of our Potted Pals plant experts by e-mail! See Contact form below. 

Second, tell us a little bit about your business setting or 'Green Space".
We've been making spaces greener for some time now at Potted Pals. Give us as many details about your work space as possible and we will give you plant recommendations of all sizes and prices to give your setting a green boost.

Third, we will propose a specific plant collection and schedule.
We will provide a custom plant collection to be sent right to your business's doorstep. This can be a one-time shipment, a bi-weekly collection or a monthly collection. Don't worry, we'll figure it out together.

Lastly, make sure you and your clients enjoy your new Potted Pals.
Your new indoor houseplants will be delivered in a timely manner. You want our Pals in your business? Don't worry, they'll arrive safely and make sure you don't go unnoticed. Enjoy.