We Hope to See Potted Pals Everywhere One Day

Potted Pals is where you can pick your favorite potted houseplants and get them delivered right to your doorstep. We will provide you with low-maintenance healthy indoor plants to make your setting of choice a little greener. Our Pals clean the air we breathe, make us more productive, boost our creativity and reduce stress. We thought we'd share some of their powers with you. The Potted Pals come directly from our home to yours.


We are a Family

All the Potted Pals on our website come from our family nursery in South Florida. Potted Pals founder, Adrien Riguidel, learned from observing his parents grow the family wholesale plant nursery, which ships tropical foliage plants to garden centers, green houses and plant brokers throughout the United States and Canada. He believes that plants should be more accessible to the larger population and, combined with his passion for eCommerce, created Potted Pals.

We go a step beyond the ordinary by offering tropical plants that stand out as artistic statements that create the perfect setting for enhancing any indoor environment. Our tropical foliage varieties include proven performers with emphasis on durability. Our nursery is our home, every time you buy Potted Pals you're essentially getting some of our friends to come over! Our Family thanks you for choosing our plants. We hope they make you as happy as they make us. 

Shipped From our Home to Yours

Our houseplants are shipped with TLC "Tender Love and Care" by our professionals here at Potted Pals. We make sure to keep the Pals under perfect conditions at the right temperature so that they travel safely from our home to yours. Our packaging holds the Pals securely fastened so that they don't get damaged during transport and experience minimal soil spillage. Shipment of Potted Pals should take less than a week and your new potted friends should be fresh and ready for some TLC upon arrival.