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Potted Pals: Two friendly 6" Potted Pals! 

From Left to Right: Echeveria 'Lilacina' and  Echeveria 'Parva' Succulents.

These two medium-sized Potted Pals are a classic addition to any living room setting or patio. We've seen these two Pals everywhere from bathrooms to office desks.

The two beautiful succulents are shipped to your doorstep in our very own sturdy nursery pots with our premium quality soil and fertilizer. 

Who knew buying plants online would be so easy!

Oh, did we forget to mention these beauties were pet-friendly?!

Care instructions:

Echeverias need a lot of bright light and great airflow. They need adequate drainage, which is guaranteed if you keep them in our pots. Make sure to water your new Potted Pals when the soil is completely dry. It's better to let your new succulent Potted Pals sit dry than to overwater them. If you let their fleshy leaves and roots sit in water for too long, they will rot. These succulent pals make for great indoor or outdoor plants. They like warm weather and will make your setting of choice a little livelier. 


Potted Pals Size and Look:

Your new Potted Pals sizes are based on the diameter of the nursery pot they are currently in (4", 6", or 10" inches). The potted plants themselves may be a little bigger or a little smaller than the nursery pot they are grown in, depending on how they grow and what time of the year it is.

Each Potted Pal is unique and while we do our best to ship plants as similar to those you see in the picture above, please keep in mind that all plants look slightly different. Potted Plants, even though they may have specific names, vary in color, size, and shape. That's what makes each Potted Pal special. There's beauty in imperfection :)

Our plants are watered before shipping during summer times to keep the soil and the roots moist. During the winter, we try and keep the soil as dry as possible to prevent freezing.  


Our Potted Pals team works hard to make sure your potted plants leave in the best conditions and arrive safely. Shippers, however, can be a little rough with packages, and mishaps can happen. If your Potted Pals arrive damaged, reach out to us with pictures and your number order. We will make things right.