Why you should choose live over fake plants

Live vs Faux

When decorating your home or office, you may be tempted to opt for a fake plant. They don’t need any care and will never look wilted. Maybe you have never owned a live plant before and are worried about keeping it alive. You don’t need another stress in your life right? 

While fake plants may be enticing to those with hectic lifestyles, here are a few reasons why live houseplants are the better choice:


  1. Live plants are healthier. Fake plants attract dust while in contrast, live plants purify the air. Since you probably won’t be thinking about your fake plants very often, it’s very easy to forget about them and let the dust pile on. They can create a dirty look and be bad for your allergies and breathing. Our potted house plants release oxygen and purify the air. According to a NASA study, house plants such as succulents can be effective at removing indoor air pollutants. While you may not be able to fix the pollution in your city, you can create a little oasis in your home. 
  2. Live plants are better for the environment. Like many other plant parents, I’m sure that you think about your environmental footprint. Fake plants are made of plastic and other materials that are not biodegradable. Purchasing unnecessary plastics only adds to the earth’s plastic waste problem. Live house plants are zero waste and return to the earth when they die. Succulents, uniquely, do not release carbon dioxide at night like other plants. They add a continuous stream of oxygen into the air. 
  3. Live plants have a better aesthetic. A few fake plants may be alright if they are placed in low-light areas that would otherwise be inhospitable to a live potted house plant. However over-doing it is just plain tacky. You want to create a chic and relaxing natural environment, not recreate grandma’s house. Besides, the color of fake plants is artificial and will begin to fade if exposed to light creating a washed out look. 
  4. Live plants are easy to care for. Our assortment of indoor potted houseplants are very low-maintenance and are perfect for busy lives. They are also great for first-time plant owners. All of our potted plants only need to be watered when the soil is completely dry, which is only every few weeks. Don’t worry about plant maintenance, Potted Pals are perfect for your indoor or outdoor living spaces.


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By Brenna Morecraft

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