The Three Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

Curious on how to spruce up your home with a bit of natural influence, but don’t know where to start? Interested in the health benefits that indoor plants can bring into your life? While there are various routes that you can take regarding the incorporation of potted pals in your living spaces, here are three of the most common houseplants that require low maintenance while still bringing in a lot of beauty.  


1. The Aloe Humilis (Hedgehog Aloe)

The Aloe Humilis, also known as the Hedgehog Aloe, can double as both a beautiful indoor houseplant as well as a part of your skincare regimen! The care that this plant requires is simple and straight-forward: be sure to not overwater it, as you should only water it when the soil is dry. In addition to this, they require a moderate amount of sunlight, so a nice position by a sunny window will do just fine. In terms of the health benefits that it can provide for your skin, aloe gel is well known for its moisturizing capabilities, and the ability to reduce signs of acne. Due to its appearance, you may be wondering if its sharp leaves and ridges would be a possible hazard for any pets that you may have. No need to worry, as the Hedgehog Aloe is completely safe and non-toxic to pets. 


2. The Dracaena (Tarzan - King of the Marginata)

The Dracaena “Tarzan”, is a bush plant that is flexible towards both indoor and outdoor living environments.  Like most of the indoor plants listed, they thrive the most in a warm environment and medium sunlight, with moist soil that isn’t overwatered. Appearance-wise, these bush plants have sturdy stems and trunks that can grow to be several feet tall with consistent care and maintenance. As a final word of advice, a pot with proper drainage capabilities is highly recommended, so that its roots won’t rot in the consistently moist soil that it will be in. 


3. Succulents

In similar fashion to the previously discussed Dracaena, succulent plants can thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments. The range of sunlight that they will need, depending on which specific type of succulent you plan to invest in, can range from moderate to bright amounts of sunlight. Generally, succulents require great airflow and consistently moist soil, with pots that have drainage holes at the bottom of them. The great thing about succulents is the variety from which you can pick from: the array of colors, sizes, and styles that succulents grow in mean that you will be sure to find the right fit for you and your living space. 


If any of these great indoor plant options piqued your interest, they are all available on our website for an affordable price! Happy plant shopping!

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