The Dracaena Tarzan Plant

Have you ever heard of the legend of Tarzan? No, no, not Tarzan the ape-man. We only talk plants here at Potted Pals.

Dracaena Tarzan is a member of the Dracaena plant family and our Potted Pals Exclusive Extra Large plant. The Tarzan plant is also known as "The King of the Marginata." Its nickname is well-deserved as it's one of the most versatile and durable indoor foliage plants in existence. Did we mention that they also make a big statement? 

Also known as the Madagascar Dragon Tree, the Tarzan was discovered by accident here on our growers' nursery in South Florida. An accident turned into a patented discovery that later turned into acres of only Tarzan plants. 

Here at Potted Pals, we love the Tarzan plant. Especially because they're so easy to grow. Tarzans start off small and grow into huge trees that we call specimens. We can't sell Tarzan trees on our website because they won't fit in UPS and USPS trucks. However, if you'd like a Tarzan tree, send us an email at and we'll let you know how we can get an XXX-Large Potted Pal to your home.

What defines the Dracaena Tarzan plant?

The Dracaena has broad dark green leaves with deep purple and pink-ish accents on its edges. It has thick pointy leaves and has a surprisingly large trunk compared to its Marginata precursors.

The Tarzan on our Potted Pals website is about 4 to 5' in height. The Tarzan Pal comes in our very own nursery pot which has great drainage. The Tarzan bush has three trunks which make for a very full plant. The leaves spread out and the bottom of the trunks are cleared so that the stems become visible.

How do you take care of a Dracaena Tarzan plant?

Make sure you place your potted Tarzan plant in a well-lit room by a window where it will receive medium to bright light. If you'd like to have your potted plant outside, try not to place it in the direct sun for long periods of time. Tarzans like the sun but prefer to have indirect light hitting their leaves. Patios or covered porches are great places for Dracaena Tarzan plants to thrive.

When you receive your Tarzan Bush from our home here at Potted Pals, the soil will most likely be dry to avoid soil spillage during shipping. Check how moist the soil is upon your potted Pal's arrival. If the soil is dry two to three inches down from the top make sure you give your plant a good soaking.

Make sure that the soil gets dry in between waterings. You may find yourself watering every week during the summer but only every two to three weeks during the winter. As long as you water your Potted Pal when the topsoil is dry you should be fine. If you water your plants too often, root rot may occur which isn't good for your potted Tarzan plant.

On the other hand, if you water your Dracaena Tarzan plant too little, the plant will dry out and its beautiful emerald leaves will turn yellow. We water our Tarzans every week or so here in South Florida but sometimes when it gets too hot we water more often. Once you find a good balance, the Tarzan plant will adjust and do well with its regular waterings.

It's warm and humid here in South Florida, so if you're planning on welcoming a lovely potted Tarzan houseplant into your home, make sure you don't leave it near an air vent with the AC blasting. If you want to make your Potted Pal more than happy, put it near a humidifier and give it a misting every so often.


Plants, like humans, are responsive to change. Some plants do very well with change and some need some time to adjust. Plants are sensitive and react differently to changes in their environments. When you first receive your new Potted Pal, some leaves may turn yellow and they might get a little droopy. DO NOT WORRY! This is normal and plants, if taken good care of, will start looking better and better in the following weeks following their arrival as they adjust to their new environment.

We at Potted Pals hope this article was helpful and that you now have all the important information you need to take great care of your new Dracaena Tarzan potted plant.

We thank you for welcoming our flagship Potted Pal into your setting of choice and hope it will make you as happy as they make us.




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