Plant Care Tips: The Golden Barrel Cactus!


Congrats you made it! After a long haul of searching google for terms like “How to take care of my Golden Barrel,” Buy golden Barrel cactus online,” or even “How to take care of my mother in law’s cushion,” you ended up here.

Don’t worry we’ve got the answers to lots of your questions. First, if you haven’t already, go check out our Potted Pals Golden Barrel cactus Duo here. Now that you’ve checked them out, you’re probably wondering if you should buy them. Well, you probably already know what we’re going to tell you. NO, don’t do it! You’re going to hurt yourself.

Not the answer you were expecting huh? Well, we took that risk a year or two ago here at Potted Pals when we started growing these hardy spiky cacti. Golden Barrels will hurt you if you get too close and don’t protect yourself. Now we can hear you say, “But they’re so darn cute!” And you’re right, that’s why we’re still growing them with love and affection to this day.

Golden Barrels are one of a kind. The Echinocactus grusonii is a plant. (Ok, no s**** sherlock). It’s a very good-looking, jolly, round-ish cactus plant that can grow as much as three feet tall and over two feet wide. These Cacti have sharp yellow, white-ish spines that are like pointy needles and grow along the edges of the cactus. That’s why its nickname is the mother in law’s cushion. Now you get the reference!


How to care for your golden barrel cactus:

Golden Barrels are some of the best plants for frequent travelers because they are low-care plants. The “Echinocactus” genus needs very little water. Duh, it’s a cactus! However, here at the nursery we water them regularly make sure our beautiful golden barrels grow fast and healthy.

When the soil gets dry, we drench our Golden Barrel cactus with water and wait for the soil to dry out before we water them again. Infrequent waterings does not mean you shouldn’t water your cactus! It just means you should wait for the soil to dry out. The Golden Barrel does not like water staying at the bottom of its pot. Its roots will rot if they stay wet. 

Our Golden Barrels come in our nursery pots with porous, well-draining soil. If you were to repot your Golden Barrels, make sure to use some well-draining potting mix.

We fertilize our cactus but the Golden Barrel does not necessarily need fertilizer. Blooms appear on the Golden Barrel cactus after years of acclimatization and growth. Young Golden Barrels do not usually have flowers.

If your Golden Barrel gets too big for its pot, make sure to replant it in a bigger pot and prune it. When handling the Golden Barrel cactus, PLEASE, use impenetrable gloves and sturdy paper or cardboard to lift it up!

Growing a Golden Barrel cactus is not hard! They’re very beginner-friendly plants but will take a long time to grow to a large size. The beautiful Golden Barrel Cactus is an amazing specimen that is classified as rare and endangered in its native Mexican habitat. The Potted Pals nursery, along with other plant nurseries in the United States, works hard to grow these cacti and make them more widespread in our society. They’re just Irresistible.


How to make your Golden Barrels grow!

Do you have dogs, cats, or babies at home? Make sure you place your cactus out of reach to avoid any serious injuries. Before you place your new Golden Barrels anywhere, think carefully. Actions have consequences :) We recommend putting your new beautiful cacti on a shelf near a well-lit window or outside in a container. Is your neighborhood prone to robberies? Place Golden Barrels on every window-sill and you will see a spiked deterrent. 

Your Golden Barrels will thrive if they are placed in a non-crowded environment. Yes, they’re anti-social. The reason for this is because they like room to grow, baby cacti will grow once the cacti are really rooted in their pots. These baby cacti can be taken out of the original pot and be replanted to freely express themselves in their new environment. These baby cacti make for great garden beds when they are grouped together. Just make sure not to step on them by accident. 

Many online sources say full-sun is a necessity for the Golden Barrel to thrive. Honestly, our Golden Barrels are just chillin’ in our Greenhouse under a roof with partial light. The cactus does not like sitting under the fire hot summer sun. It appreciates bright sunlight coming from all directions but like a human does not stan burning on the tanning beach lounger. 

Send us your pictures! 

That’s pretty much all of it! We hope you now have enough information to take good care of your new Golden Barrel Cactus Pals. We love these gorgeous plants and while they poke us sometimes, we forgive them because beauty hurts. They’re our go-to cactus for any gifts and occasions. As a statement piece they will look amazing in your setting of choice so long as you take good care of them. Our Potted Pals team thanks you for choosing our Golden Barrel Cactus. They are packed with care here at our Nursery and we hope they’ll make you smile upon arrival!

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