Plant Care Tips for Lovely Potted Agaves


So, you're probably here because you fell in love with our Quadricolor Duo or our King and Queen Agave Duo. We get it, they're beautiful Potted Pals and some of our prettiest plants available. Now that you've won the lottery with your new duo of choice, let us help you take care of your new potted friends to make them as happy as possible. 

 First thing's first, I hope you're reading this before you open your Potted Pals package. If possible, make sure to wear gloves when opening your Potted Pals box. These gorgeous Agaves have thorns that will poke you if the plant is mishandled. It is also possible that the thorns may have cut through the paper sleeves which they were wrapped in so be careful when you're taking them out of the box. Pretty hurts right?

How to care for your new potted Agaves

 We provide very low-maintenance beginner-friendly medium-sized 6" Agaves here at Potted Pals. These charming potted plants have eye-catching colors and patterns that make them particularly attractive.

Agaves are native to the warm regions of the Americas. They do very well here in South Florida where we have a hot and humid climate. If you live in a colder region, bring your pretty Agaves inside during the winter and put them outside during the summertime if possible. 

Agaves and especially the Quadricolor needs plenty of sunlight to get its vibrant colors. Full-sun exposure will do your Agaves a lot of good. However, they will tolerate partial sun and will look great if you keep them inside near a well-lit window.

Agaves thrive when neglected. They have very low watering needs. Only water you plant when the soil is dry. Over-watering your Agave will lead to root rot. However, don't worry about watering your Agave plenty when the soil is dry, it comes in a nursery pot that has great drainage. If you were to change the pots for your Agaves, make sure they have drainage holes at the bottom.

Can you tell me more about my Agaves?

The potted Agave plants you can buy here at Potted Pals grow up to 12 to 20 inches tall and about two feet wide. They are very easy to grow and will surprise you and grow faster if you keep them in a dry environment.

Best of luck with your new potted Agave plants. We hope this article was helpful and that your plants are going to grow like they've never grown before.

These terrific Potted Pals will not let you down and are sure to accentuate the setting where you place them.




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