My Personal Path towards a Succulent Obsession

 I had always been a kid who thrived the most in a natural, outdoor environment.

Spending an ample amount of time in my community parks and forests brought on an early desire to bring a piece of that happy place into my own home. This eventually led to me obtaining a plethora of plants, many of which lived a very short life due to my lack of proper care (Rest In Peace to my Orchid, Matilda).

As my collection of dead plants and heartbreaks began to grow at an exponential rate, my mom decided to step in and invest in a much easier family of plants for me to spend my time with: succulents. Going to Home Depot, Lowe’s, or a local botanical shop every Friday after school in search of a new succulent or cacti soon became the field trip that I was always looking forward to.

The simple care technique of watering, when needed, with a good amount of indirect sunlight, resulted in me finally being able to maintain a plant’s life for more than two weeks---which not only pleased me but my mother’s budget. In fact, my oldest living succulent (an Echeveria Green Velvet) was one of the first that I had bought and have now had for ten years.



As my little garden began to grow into a more substantial and noticeable one, receiving succulents and cacti as gifts and presents for various events became the norm among friends and family. As I made the difficult transition from high school to college without a car and a newfound busy schedule, maintaining my childhood garden became a hassle. Wondering how I could gain access to my beloved plants without having to make the drive led me to Potted Pals.

At first, I was skeptical of a plant delivery service. “What if they come dead?” “What if I open the box and a few stowaway bugs hop out?” were some of the common concerns that ran through my mind. On a leap of faith and in the hope for some new succulents to add to my collection, I ordered a set of three "Trois Pals" from

Within three to four days of me ordering, I received my order in the mail. To my utter surprise, they came delivered in the neatest packaging with no mess (and no bugs, thank God) involved. Not only did the packaging go past my expectations, but the cutest little care manual, along with a “Potted Pals” sticker to customize my laptop with. As a result, I can happily say that I now have a consistent way to fulfill my minor (or not so minor) succulent obsession.

So if you were an initial skeptic of an online plant delivery service as I was, I can honestly say that there is no need to worry. Enjoy growing your new garden!

By Jalisa Redding

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