It’s cold where I live. Can I still get a tropical plant?

Of course! Succulents and Tarzans are very durable plants and are able to grow in a variety of climates. Even if you don’t live near the tropics (like us here in Florida), you can still grow a healthy plant in your home.



Many of our Potted Pals are native to tropical jungles, so they are used to their light changing throughout the day. This is similar to the shifting light and shade that happens in your home. Our Potted Pals do best in medium light exposure (such as on windowsills) but not left on the sidewalk to broil in the hot sun. Our Haworthias are great in low light environments. As a general rule, succulents that are naturally green will be happier indoors. Our more colorful potted houseplants will need more sunlight to maintain their color. 



The water-holding ability of succulents means that they can thrive where many other plants would suffer. The number one thing you can do to kill a plant is to overwater it! However, this is good news for first-time plant owners. Only water when the soil is completely dry, which will likely be every 2 to 3 weeks. How fast the succulents suck up their water depends on the amount of light exposure. Potted plants kept indoors will need less water than those kept inside. Our Aloe Potted Pals are very forgiving and can go the longest between waterings.



Succulents have evolved to be drought resistant. If you live out west and are prone to droughts, succulents make for perfect ground cover outside. Consider replacing your high-maintenance grass lawn with succulents and cacti. They will take up very little water, saving your water bill and the environment!

If you live up north where it is chilly for a large part of the year, our succulents make for great indoor plants. Succulents are not frost resistant so it’s important to have to keep them inside during the cold winter. Make sure that your potted plants are near a window to get a little sunlight. Adorn your windowsills with any of our trios or a side table with some of our medium Potted Pals.


Experiment with your new Potted Pals and adjust to their needs accordingly. You may not have success with every succulent, but that’s part of the learning process of becoming a new plant mom or dad! Just know that wherever you live, your Potted Pals will thrive with some TLC.


By Brenna Morecraft

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