How to use Potted Pals for Interior Design

Decorating your setting with Potted Plants

Our potted house plants are a fun way to freshen the aesthetic of your living or working space. The wide variety of colors, shapes, and textures of succulents make for limitless interior design potential. Recently, succulents and other potted plants have been dominating social media for their infinite possibilities to create unique decor. Our Potted Pals make adorning your own spaces with greenery easy by buying plants online and having them shipped straight to your location. 

All of our Potted Pal sizes will fit comfortably in your home. For tighter living spaces, our small and medium succulents will add an especially eclectic feel in your home, apartment, or dorm. Consider filling in empty spaces in your larger home with our extra-large Tarzan. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor living space, our Tarzan and Song of India will add refreshing greenery to your patio or porch.


Here are our top low-maintenance interior design ideas for your new Potted Pals:

  • Decorate your window sills! Our Pals will look great in your bedroom.
  • Style your coffee table or bookshelves.
  • Make a centerpiece for your dinner table that will impress all your guests. 
  • Consider succulents as a centerpiece for your wedding. 
  • Adorn your desk at your home office or at work. Our succulents and potted plants are appropriate for professional settings.
  • For Patios, adorn your side tables, ledges, and ground with succulents. Our extra-large Potted Pal, the Tarzan, looks great in your outdoor living spaces. 


By Brenna Morecraft

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