Are Succulents beginner-friendly plants?

To be honest, the first time I saw a succulent was at the grocery store during my early teens. Publix (our favorite store here in Florida) happened to have a plant expo table at the entrance. The neat rows of pretty succulents caught my attention as I was rushing to get myself some Nutella.

"What an adorable little plant," I thought to myself as I approached the Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg. Funny thing is, I thought it was a faux plant at first. Its leaves had such a dusty appearance and a plastic feeling that it had me fooled!

I was plant-struck. There was no way I was leaving the store without this cute little Potted Pal. Who would have thought that a couple of years later I was going to have thousands of succulents of all shapes, colors, and sizes in my very own backyard?

Succulents are extremely beginner-friendly indoor or outdoor potted plants as long as you can picture the scene!

Succulents need very little attention (unlike my dog Oreo). These little plants thrive in desert environments. Can you picture the scene?

Imagine your little potted succy babies in the middle of a desert with full sun, very warm and dry weather. Feel bad for them yet? Now try to replicate that environment as closely as you can in your suburban apartment, dorm, home... Not easy, right?

No matter your location, let the Potted Pals family help you make your new Potted Pals the happiest of friends! Follow these next few steps:

First, make sure you put these pretty potted plants next to a well-lit window! If you have some space outside for them where you think you'll be able to enjoy their company, that's just as fine. More sunlight also means more color! We want your potted pals to stay looking spiffy.

Second, when it rains in these desert environments, it doesn't just sprinkle. It pours, like a lot. Make sure you give those succulent plants a good soaking. Cati also benefit from a good drench. ONLY water them when the soil is completely dry. Over-watering will kill your new healthy plants.

Third, make sure you keep them in our very own nursery pots. Or, choose pots with amazing drainage to keep your new Pals in. Why? Well, if the water stays at the bottom of the pot for some time then the roots rot and that's "no Bueno" for your new houseplants or outdoor plants. 

There you have it! Now that you know all the good stuff, go get yourself some new succulent Potted Pals!

Potted Pals' goal is to make buying indoor plants online easy. But not just that. We give you the information you need to take proper care of your healthy indoor or outdoor potted plants and keep them alive for as long as possible.

Succulents are ideal potted friends for use in your cozy home or office. Most of them can tolerate indoor conditions very well and will add life to desks, tables, centerpieces, and window sills without you having to look after them too much.


Succulents make us happy and we're sure they can have the same effect on you too. Your online plant nursery has you covered, just click here!



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