Help! I think I underwatered my succulents!

The number one way to kill a succulent is to overwater. However, in trying not to overwater, you may have erred too much on the side of caution. Or maybe you went on vacation and left your succulent Pal outside in the hot sun. If your succulent isn’t looking its best here are some ways to tell if you underwatered your succulent. If you think you may have overwatered, click here to diagnose and treat.



Succulents store water in their leaves. They have evolved to go long periods of time in dry conditions but doesn’t mean they never need water.

If you think that you may have underwatered your new potted succulents, they will likely have some of these signs:

  1. Shriveled leaves (Bottom leaves shrivel up first)
  2. Dried up, brown leaves
  3. Leaves that are no longer plump and firm. They will feel soft to the touch.


  1. Water your succulents!
  2. In the desert, when it rains it pours. Make sure you are giving your succulents a good drenching when you water them. Don’t be afraid!
  3. Let your succulents dry out before the next watering. Wait until the soil is bone dry. Do not try to compensate and water too often.



  1. Water thoroughly once you notice the soil is dry.
  2. Do not mist your plants. They prefer to get a good drench and then dry out. 
  3. Set a reminder for yourself for every 10-14 days. This does not mean that you water them every 10-14 days, just that you check on them. They may or may not need water. 


Good luck with your succulent pals!


By Brenna Morecraft

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