5 Gorgeous Indoor Plants That Are Almost unkillable

Not every houseplant requires a natural green thumb and extensive gardening expertise. These hardy indoor beauties can survive and even thrive without serious attention. (They don’t want attention, they just want your heart)

Buy plants that like to live the way you do. For example, if you work in a dark room, give low-light options like a Queen and King Agave or Dracaena a go. If too much sunlight has damaged your plants in the past, opt for sun lovers like a Quadricolor Century plant or Golden Barrel Cacti. Over-watering should not be a problem so long as your plants have well-draining pots like the ones they come in. If you're the set-it-and-forget-it type, Cacti or Aloes might be more to your liking.

We’ve put together a list of hardy go-to plants that will do well in shipping and will acclimate perfectly to your indoor space. 

Dracaena 'Tarzan' - King of the Marginata 

Dracaena Tarzans grow best in medium to medium high light, however, they will live in lower light conditions if necessary. They will do well inside or out. Want a unique plant? Choose a Tarzan, Click here.



Quadricolor Century Plants

Agaves once acclimated need to be watered occasionally. These pals do very well indoors and outdoors so long as it doesn’t get too cold. These gorgeous plants thrive when they are neglected, so don't worry about leaving your Pals behind when you go on vacation. 



Golden Barrels

The Golden Barrel Potted Pal is super beginner-friendly. It needs very little attention to thrive. Plenty of sunshine keeps the Golden Barrel as happy as can be. By a window or outside in the sun, it will surely keep you happy so long as you don’t pet it too often!

Queen Victoria Agave

Two beautiful Agaves for any plant parent. These beauties only need to be watered occasionally when the soil gets dry. They have thick leaves that store water and stand out as artistic pieces in any setting. You can’t go wrong with these plants.

Christmas Carol and Pink Blush Aloes

These paired red and green aloes are very detailed with beautiful colors! The 'Christmas Carol' will bloom in the fall and can last until Christmas. But you don't have to wait for the holiday season to roll around, they make a stunning easy to care for duo at any time of the year!

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